2011-10-10 : Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

The Station

So we’re getting ready to leave. I like it and I hate it. I’m apprehensive about the future. I can’t wait to get to New Zealand. I can’t wait to get home. The thought of this place opening for Summer and filling with people makes me uneasy. I’ve got a lot to do. I’m in love with a wonderful woman. That scares me too. Will it be real after we leave this crazy place? I want it to be. I didn’t accomplish some of the goals that I set for myself, and that makes it unpleasant. I need to get in touch with friends and family. I need to figure out where I’ll be living. I need to figure out the next job move. I can’t sleep again.

New Music

Music has helped with the aforementioned stress over leaving. Some very recent additions to my library include: “Songs to Test By - Volume 3”, Feist’s “Metals”, DJ Shadow’s “The Less You Know, The Better”, Lykke Li’s “Wounded Rhymes”, and some old Aphex Twin.


I found the following tiny script pretty useful for use in all kinds of situations. One example application is inside a Makefile when web documents are involved. It simply reloads the front Safari window.


osascript <<EOM
tell application "Safari"
    do JavaScript "document.location.reload()" in (first tab in first window)
    return true
end tell