kivy + bpython + os x:

I originally went with this:

alias kbpython='VERSIONER_PYTHON_PREFER_32_BIT=0 PYTHONPATH="/Applications/" bpython'

But after a bit more thinking, I’ve come to prefer this solution:

mkdir -p "$(python -m site --user-site)"
ln -s /Applications/ "$(python -m site --user-site)/kivy"

Now kivy will be in the default python search path with no need for an alias. I can then just import kivy in python and/or bpython.

About the 3264 bit thing: I found this on my machine…

$ defaults read
"Prefer-32-Bit" = 1;

I’m not sure why I had the setting originally, but I strongly suspect it was related to an old fink package. Fink is gone, I’m on python2.7, my machine is 64bit, so it is high time for me to fix that:

$ defaults write Prefer-32-Bit -bool no
# Or better:
$ defaults delete